40 Inch Spruce Top Wood

DISCOUNT Cheapest Chinese Solid Acoustic Guitar 41 Inch Spruce Top Wood


40寸云杉面单缺角吉他    40inch Spruce Guitar
型号:YS-D40Q          Model No.: YS-D40Q
面板:云杉单板         Body: Solid Spruce
背侧板:沙比利木       Back & Side:Sapele
琴颈:奥古曼木         Neck: Okume
指板:科技木           Fingerboard:Wood
下码:科技木                            Saddle: Wood
旋钮:全封闭           Knob: Diecast
弦枕:ABS              Nut: ABS
琴弦:红铜弦           String: copper
包边:包边             Edge: ABS bending
工艺:哑光             Finish: Matt
颜色:原木/黑          Color:Natural/black


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